Boonex Dolphin 7 download

Boonex Dolphin 7 download

Recently I have started development of my own radio software (as module for Dolphin CMS) and got interesting results. This can be pretty useful if you don t like to keep this file directly at your host. First one just contains styles of our test page (this file always available in our package) And right side will contain list of last stations and, when we search or select category right side will be filtered Ajaxy. So, I would like to share you with some results about it. You can read about this player here: http: //ffmp8.

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This is template of our main (index) page.

Boonex Dolphin 7 New version Download

For now it cantain __stations__ key (template key) which we will replace to actual value with PHP. It allows us play audio streams without any problems. Next at left side (under the header) we have UL-LI based list of categories (with subcategories).

It consists from three main elements: header (with nice animated search bar and integrated radio player), left side (with list of categories and subcategories) and right side (which will contains list of recent/ or filtered stations). I have used great FFMp8 Live Stream Player for our result. This is markup of the one of used template files. Our header element contain nice search bar with embedded jasl player.

Our next template file template of our radio player: Of course, it contains own template keys (__title__ and __stream__) which we will use after.