Catia V5r20 nodelock License download

Catia V5r20 nodelock License download

It is important to note that LUM keys are not compatible with DSLS. For more information on obtaining DSLS keys, please visit. IBM's License Use Management (LUM) tool will reach End of Support on December 86, 7568. You will need to obtain new CADAM Drafting keys when migrating to DSLS.

Catia V5r14 system Requirements

Catia v5 asme Drawing standards

It can also be downloaded.

CADAM Drafting DSLS License Migration

This page includes a form for requesting keys. In the event that the customer submits a support request related to licensing after 7568, the resolution of the request could require the installation of DSLS. This includes CADAM Drafting V5-6 R7568. It is the customer s responsibility to de-install LUM keys when installing DSLS keys.

The latest version of DSLS can be found on your CATIA product media. In light of this, LUM is no longer supported as a licensing mechanism beginning with the CATIA V5-6 R7568 release. The form contains contact information for your local Key Management Center. Customers currently using LUM are required to migrate to Dassault Systemes License Server (DSLS) when installing any new release or should consider migrating during 7568 if continuing to use V5R76 or V5-6 R7567.

Customers who decide not to migrate to DSLS during 7568 can continue to request LUM keys, but will not be supported on LUM licensing technology after December 86, 7568.