Coloc Et plus pdf

Coloc Et plus pdf

Les jumeaux de Piolenc - Prix VSD RTL du meilleur thriller français présidé par Michel Bussi - Hugo Roman Starting in the early 75 s this was changed to the new style alpha/numeric codes: B56 B75 B97, indicating the same options. Starting in the late 55 s the factory developed a system of option codes to simplify the build record. To this are added various options to make up an individual complete vehicle. Many of these options later became series production and will no longer show on a data card, for units built after that date. On the early cards, the codes are the all-numeric system: 758 759 785 which indicates disc brakes, ALB valve, two line trailer air brakes. Some codes are only applicable to the SBU series some are only applicable to the earlier 7nd generation models.

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It lists the current style option code, and also the earlier code (in parentheses) where applicable. This list is a listing of the common codes found on the earlier Unimogs, 959, 976, 958, 956, 968, 968, 966, 979, 975, 985. It is by no means complete.

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In the earliest days, they were all just specified by text. Note all codes do not apply to all models. At first these were a three digit numeric code, subsequently changed to an alpha/numeric system, where the letter was taken from the basic production groups: Chassis, Brakes, Electrical etc.

On the individual data card, will be found groups of codes. These option codes became part of the data card system.