Unblacklist imei Repair apk

Unblacklist imei Repair apk

Normally a quick Google search can accomplish this task. (NOTE) The best way to find out what device and firmware you need is to go into phone settings, then about phone. The Second program is Kies or Kies 8, another great tool offered by Samsung to help customers manage their tablet or phone. Lets start with Odin Instructions, which is my preferred way of unbricking and restoring my devices. Kies can do a lot more then just restore your device, but in this post I will only be covering the restore and update functions. In this tutorial I will be covering two programs that can restore your Samsung phone or tablet. Another good thing to find out is the device code name.

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Connect your device to the PC and wait until your drivers install and you get a blue sign in Odin. You should see a com plus a number. Com(NOTE) Before you start this process, it is a good idea to backup all your data and fully charge your device. You can get your Samsung firmware from my server or SamMobile.   Download your devices latest firmware.

The first program is Odin, a great tool that interfaces with a Samsung device while it is in download mode. Between these you should be able to figure out the firmware you will need. If you don t know this info and your device is bricked, then start Googling it. (NOTE) Odin program is designed only for Windows PC. Samsung Kies works with Windows or mac.

  For example: COM 9 Added in the odin program. Look at System Version plus build number.