Yanmar engine Serial Number

Yanmar engine Serial Number

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Yanmar Yb101uz Manual

It includes the following information: The dataplate is located on the top side of the gear housing. The model number, engine type code (variation number) and serial numbers may be required to locate the exact parts you need.

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If you have lost the tag, look on the left side of the block, when looking from the front of the engine, above the oil cooler housing. The dataplate typically located on the engine rocker cover, but may be located on the side of the gear housing. If the dataplate is missing or not readable, the ESN can also be found on the engine block. There is black oil oozing under front of valve cover gasket think gasket broken engine oil not dirty will your gasket seal temp. Your Owner's manual or Operation Manual list the procedure to find the ESN on your engine.

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As most of you know, these are not cookie cutter and often times a particular part can change from one year to the next. The Honda model naming convention is shown in the image to the left.

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This quick guide will help you locate the dataplate if you do not have access to a manual. It includes the following information:

The long narrow metal tag that is attached to the front cover/gear housing contains the dataplate information. We've organized a few popular playlists to the right and you will find relevant videos througout the site. Query: what would be appropriate to start an outboard motor 55 hp Mariner Marathon, 6995.