Zdob Si zdub Download

Zdob Si zdub Download

Garth Cartwright An album that will drive the band's fans wild with joy and win them new converts. Most importantly, they release Onwards To Mars! There are also seven tunes here by celebrated composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Koby Israelite, four of which he composed specifically for Fanfare. Dig the Latin-Balkan groove! Another collaboration is Fiesta de Negritos Fanfare recorded this in MedellĂ­n together with Puerto Candelaria, one of Colombia's leading Cumbia bands. Now, with Onwards To Mars!

Fanfare Ciocarlia onwards to mars Asphalt Tango Records

Hailing from a tiny village in north east Romania, Fanfare have gone on to conquer the world's stages with their hugely exciting performances while each Ciocarlia album has topped the European World Music charts, driven DJs crazy and inspired countless imitators. Remember, Fanfare Ciocarlia are Gypsy wizards and they continue to put a spell on you and you and you and. Long standing fans will appreciate the band's earthy roots music with two traditional Romanian songs sung by senior member Radulescu Lazar ( Un Tzigan Avea O Casa and Trenul Masina Mica ) and the very slow Balkan Blues of Doina. Onwards To Mars!

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Things get intriguing when Fanfare cover Bunica Bate Toba by hugely popular Moldovian Rock band Zdob si Zdub. Cover is designed by Paul Hitter, a famous Romanian Gypsy painter who now lives in Los Angeles. Fans will also recognise a new arrangement of Mista Lobaloba, a longtime favourite. And they go completely crazy when they invite Romanian Gypsy Blues singer Iulian Canaf to sing the classic Screamin' Jay Hawkins tune, I Put A Spell On You!

, Fanfare Ciocarlia take another giant leap forward: here the band both dig deep into their rural Romanian roots while demonstrating what they have learnt on their travels.